Park & Trail Partnership Program



Thanks to all who helped advocate Now Funded at $1 Million!

Does your Friends group need funding to help support and steward a state park, trail, historic site or public land?

Then consider applying for a Park and Trail Partnership (PTPP) grant. The next grant cycle will open in September 2019.

Through these grants, funded by the NYS Environmental Protection Fund, Friends groups have been able to accomplish a range of projects that elevated their groups to the next level and enabled them to better care for their park, trail, historic site of public land. From hiring staff and developing new membership programs, to building trails and creating educational exhibits, PTPP grants have enabled Friends groups to increase their effectiveness, promote outdoor recreation, and enhance the stewardship of their state park, historic site, or public land.

The program, which launched in 2015, is administered jointly by Parks & Trails New York and the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) and is designed to:


  • Enhance the preservation, stewardship, interpretation, maintenance and promotion of New York State parks, trails, state historic sites and public lands.
  • Increase the sustainability, effectiveness, productivity, and volunteer and fundraising capabilities of not-for-profit organizations that promote, maintain, and support New York State parks, trails, state historic sites and public lands.
  • Promote the tourism and economic development benefits of outdoor recreation through the growth and expansion of a connected statewide network of parks, trails, greenways and public lands.

There are four types of capacity-building grants available to eligible organizations through the Park and Trail Partnership Program.

Resources and Documents

View the Resources for Applicants page containing many useful materials including templates, samples, evaluation criteria, etc.

Previous PTPP Grants

View the latest round of awardees and lists of past recipients of Parks & Trails Partnership Program funding: