Best Practices


Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) has created this Best Practices manual for Friends groups as a resource to help build the capacity of Friends groups, expand outreach and communications, and enhance advocacy. If you are involved in a park or historic site Friends group or thinking about starting one, PTNY can help you build and strengthen your organization. Cick the image to view and download the Best Practices Document.

Friends Resource Kit

PTNY has a myriad of resources available for Friends groups to help grow and strengthen your organization. From templates and sample documents, to our Friends in Focus fact sheet series which explores in-depth topics, to links to key resources, there's something for every organization.

To access these resources and information for Friends Groups, visit the new Friends Group Gateway, Powered by Parks & Trails New York! Launched in January 2022, the Gateway is a comprehensive online community designed to support Friends Groups. The Gateway includes an array of integrated tools, including a member database and directory, event management and e-communication tools, a resource library (reports, recordings, templates, etc.), discussion forums for you to collaborate with other groups on specific topics, plus a number of other services.