Facebook Discussion Group


Got Questions? Get Answers. Join the Friends Discussion Forum

Friends groups have great ideas to share. To help facilitate greater networking and communications among Friends groups, PTNY has started an online discussion forum.

Why join?

The discussion forum is an opportunity for Friends organizations across the state to communicate with each other - sharing ideas, asking advice, learning from one another and building the strength of our parks movement.

  • Get help and advice from others across the state facing similar challenges.
  • Discuss the issues facing our state park system and Friends organizations.
  • Share ideas for strengthening Friends groups so that we can better protect and promote our parks and historic sites.

The Facebook group is a closed group and we ask that all members be affiliated with a Friends of a New York State Park (if you are in the process of establishing a group, please let us know in the Facebook prompted questions).

How to Join:

  1. Follow this LINK to Facebook.
  2. Answer the questions that appear when you click on JOIN THIS GROUP. You will be asked WHICH group you are affiliated with and if you will comply with the rules of the group. (Don't forget to answer the questions before you press submit! Requests that do not have both questions answered will be declined.)