Canalway Trail Partnership


Since 1995, Parks & Trails New York has worked in partnership with the New York State Canal Corporation to create a trail system that is an asset to nearby canal communities and a destination for bicyclists from around the world.

Early on in this partnership, PTNY and the Canal Corporation focused on assessing gaps in the trail network, hosting community charrettes, and developing local interest in the trail and support for continued development. As these efforts progressed, a strong emphasis was placed on advocating for closing the gaps in the trail. During that time, we published annual Close the Gaps reports, and held media events such as close the gaps bike rides and postcard-writing campaigns. These advocacy efforts were a significant factor leading to the 2017 announcement that the state would create the Empire State Trail.

Today, our partnership is focused on community engagement and promoting the Trail. PTNY currently administers the following programs in partnership with the Canal Corporation.