Trails Across New York


The completion of the visionary Empire State Trail has sparked a larger conversation about the value of a truly interconnected greenway trail network. Continuing to build and enhance greenway trail networks that connect communities will enhance travel, recreation, and tourism.

Our Vision

  • Ensure additional connections between the Empire State Trail and regional trail networks are built, guaranteeing all New Yorkers have access to a trail within a short distance of their homes.
  • Prioritize trail development in communities and regions, such as Long Island, that are not connected to the Empire State Trail and that remain underserved by trails.
  • Establish a dedicated funding source for the construction of new trails, maintenance and enhancements of existing trails, and pursuance of land acquisition opportunities to connect existing trail segments.
  • Use the Statewide Greenway Trails Plan as a guide for future planning efforts, driving the state towards a more comprehensive vision for the future of trail planning efforts.
  • Ensure that a wide array of amenities are regularly accessible along trails, meeting the needs of users of all ages and abilities.


Increase the 2022 Environmental Bond Act by $1 billion to a total of $4 billion

The Environmental Bond Act, approved by the legislature as part of last year’s budget at $3 billion, should be increased by $1 billion to ensure that New York can withstand the impending threats of climate change. Renaming the bond act as the Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Bond Act will help increase the likelihood that the measure is approved by voters in November 2022. UPDATE: Governor Hochul's proposed budget includes a $4 billion bond act!

Include $100 million for Trail Connections and Enhancements in the Environmental Bond Act

Continue the state’s investment in multi-use trails by dedicating $100 million in funding from the Environmental Bond Act to support improvements to the Empire State Trail and implement the 2021 New York State Greenway Trails Plan. Funding would support environmentally sustainable transportation by constructing new trails, providing significant repairs and enhancements to existing trails, and acquiring land needed to complete trail networks.

Extend the Empire State Trail

Increase the reach of the state’s visionary Empire State Trail by extending it to include new corridors, such as the Long Island Greenway, Genesee Valley Greenway, and Niagara Shoreline Trail, and connections with nearby communities.

Encourage trail development by clarifying the state’s Recreational Use Statute

Amend the Recreational Use Statute to cover all recreational activities and protect property owners who allow use of their land for trail purposes. For more information, see A.2016 (Barrett) / S.678 (Harckham).

Enact the Crash Victim’s Rights & Safety Act package of bills

Pass critical safe streets legislation that will ensure that streets are designed to meet the needs of all users, allow municipalities to lower speed limits, require drivers to leave 3 feet of space when overtaking cyclists on roadways, and educate drivers on safely interacting with vulnerable road users.