Trails Blog: Shoreline Trail - Bikeway to the Falls

Niagara Falls is known around the world for its immense power and breathtaking natural scenery. But did you know that it’s possible to bike there from the Erie Canalway Trail? In fact, it may just be the best way to get there.

Follow our turn-by-turn directions for a scenic route along the Niagara River Shoreline Trail. For a longer ride that starts at the Erie Canalway Trail, start at Niawanda Park (where the directions start below).

For less experienced riders - or just for a shorter ride - start at LaSalle Waterfront Park, just off of Route 384 in Niagara Falls. From this point to Niagara Falls State Park is entirely on off-road, paved trails - a seven mile round trip.

This route, while mostly on off-road trails, does involve some riding on-road, on roads that may have heavy traffic at times. Follow all rules of the road (ride with traffic, stop at red lights, obey all posted signs, follow lane markings, and use turn lanes and proper hand signals), never use headphones in both ears while cycling, and always ride where approaching and passing motorists can see you.

Want to take the route offline? which allows downloads of the route in various formats.

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