PTNY Supporters Show Up in a Crisis

“Our parks and trails have preserved my sanity. They have kept me healthy.”

“The ability to escape to one of our local green spaces has helped tremendously. I cannot express enough how refreshing it is to come back from a short excursion and feel recharged.”

It is no secret how important New York State’s parks and trails have been in 2020. You’ve heard it from us, you’ve probably heard it from friends and family. Our green spaces have been spots for solace, exercise, and the joy of bird song when staying present with the beauty of nature is a necessary balm.

It wasn’t too long ago—a decade—that the future of New York’s parks and trails was under threat. Close to 100 of our most treasured green spaces were on the chopping block due to budget cuts. Parks & Trails New York supporters and advocates rallied—they donated, they marched, they fought to keep our public spaces open and accessible for all of us.

Parks & Trails New York would not exist without our supporters. One of the nation’s largest parks systems wouldn’t exist without them. And we would not be celebrating the opening of the longest multi-use trail in the country—The Empire State Trail—without them.

“The Erie Canalway Trail is one mile from my home. It has been a lifeline for us to walk the dogs and enjoy nature. Everyone on the trail (and it is well loved) has been careful and considerate, always greeting from a distance.”

What can you do to protect the green spaces that give back so much to us? One way is to donate to Parks & Trails New York today. Reach out to some friends and ask them to do the same. It is only with sustained commitment that we ensure our green spaces are open to all for generations to come. We need your support to not only protect, but expand, our treasured outdoor places.

Please join us.

For more information on how you can support Parks & Trails New York, please contact Linden, our Director of Development, at