Top 5 Cooking With Fire Tips

You’ve mastered setting up your tent, have your tarp system ‘just right’, the lake is shimmering and the call of birds echoes through the trees. Suddenly, your stomach grumbles. Now what?! You can’t easily hop in your car and drive to the nearest food joint whilst deep in the wilderness (or maybe you’re not in that ‘deep’ but you’re supposed to be communing with nature!). Part of the fun of camping is learning to live outdoors and that involves learning to cook…outside!

  1. Plan ahead—it may seem like a simple first step but it’s crucial. Setting up your campsite and getting settled takes time and the last thing you want to do is find out you don’t have the right equipment and have forgotten ingredients. Pack your cooler with care and plan for some pre-prepared snacks to take the edge off while you get your campfire going! 12 make-ahead snacks for camping
  2. Camping stove? Grill? Pots? Pans? What do you need to cook with heat while you’re in the wilderness? Here is the 2019 Best Camping Cookware round-up.
  3. S’mores and hot-dogs may be the typical ‘camping’ food that comes to mind, but in this foodie age, gourmet fare isn’t off the menu even if you are outside! Tap into your inner Bobby Flay with these 101 Stress-Free delicious camping meal ideas from Adventure Bites and more "Campfire Cuisine" ideas from NYS Parks.
  4. Safety is also paramount when cooking while camping. Make sure to check with your State Park and DEC site for wildlife concerns (educate yourself about food and bear safety) and for any fire restrictions. First time building a camp cook fire? Here's how to do it.
  5. Clean-up your site and make sure you have a garbage and recycling system ready to make carry-in carry-out a snap. Use a biodegradable soap for washing up dishes in lakes and streams.