Canalway Trail End-to-Enders Continue to Blaze New Trails

As is always the case, the cyclists, hikers, and paddlers who complete the cross-state Erie Canalway Trail inspire us! End-to-Enders do the trail for many different reasons. Some complete it in one trip, others break the trail into segments and chip away at it over several years.

End-to-Enders who register with Parks & Trails New York get a decal and certificate documenting their achievement. They are also listed on the End-to-End Honor Roll published each year.

Last, but not least, registered End-to-Enders are eligible to win great Erie Canalway Trail swag and gift certificates for outdoor gear to propel future adventures.

CAUTION: Reading the End-to-End stories below will compel you to get out on the trail. Have appropriate gear ready, or clear your schedule for some intense 2019 trip planning at!

Maureen, Irondequoit, NY

My friend and I did 1/4 of the trail each year over four years. I live near the canal in Fairport and love riding on it. We didn’t think we could do the canal in a week but knew we could do it in stages. But we have a goal of one day doing it in a week- but not camping out!

What did we enjoy the most? All of it! We did a lot of sightseeing in the towns, eating at great restaurants, going to historic sites and museums and seeing so much of NYS! We wish it was paved the entire way! We loved the Waterford locks and the Lockport locks and the section where the canal goes over the road! We discovered Green Lake State Park! We stayed in a great Airbnb in Canajoharie for our last segment! It was awesome-a converted mule barn and right near the path! But the best part was riding into Albany at the end!

Scott, Fairport, NY

I have always lived near the canal in the Rochester area and have biked the trail from Brockport to Fairport for many years. Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis which robbed me of the ability to run on the trail. So, I bought a trike (I call it the Rambler) since I can't trust my balance on 2 wheels. I thought this summer was a good time to finish the rest of the canal path (aided by the PTNY Interactive Map) before its too late for me to try. We had the best time, visiting breweries along the way. That's how all vacations should be spent, not being lazy, laying around!

What did I enjoy the most? As I approach likely being confined in a wheelchair, and barely walking now, I enjoyed mile after new mile of fresh air and scenery, and the freedom of movement. Priceless.


Whatever the reason, get out there! We'll be waiting at the end of the trail to recognize you. Remember, a journey of 360 miles starts with a single step, or pedal or paddle stroke - any of course a little planning never hurts.