Say Cheese (and support the EPF!)

The state’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) is the lifeblood of environmental funding in New York. The EPF supports everything from the creation of new parks and trails and the protection of farms and clean water, to recycling programs and efforts to make communities more climate resilient. As of 2015, it is also the source of funding for the NYS Park and Trail Partnership Program grants for state park Friends groups, administered by PTNY. And it does all this will providing a 7-1 return on the state’s investment.

This year marked a historic milestone for the EPF. The Governor and Legislature approved, for the first time, a fully funded EPF at $300 million.

You can help us keep this exciting positive momentum going for the EPF by taking part in a photo campaign. It’s easy to participate! Just take pictures of yourself or others at places the EPF has supported (there’s often a sign that states the project was supported by the EPF) or working on projects the EPF has funded. Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #NYEnviroFund or send them to So grab your camera, get outdoors and help us capture all the amazing places the EPF has helped protect and improve!

Photo: The Friends of Gantry Plaza State Park received $12,000 grant from the EPF-funded Park and Trail Partnership Program in 2016 to replace damaged Adirondack chairs, cast iron tree grates, and broken light fixtures, and for a postcard campaign to the surrounding neighborhood to publicize these improvements and Friends-led volunteer events