Why did we attend the NYS Tourism Summit?

The November 18 tourism summit in Albany provided some impressive tourism statistics. 2014 was a milestone year for tourism in New York, with the economic impact of tourism topping $100 billion for the first time. The state attracted 227,500,000 visitors in 2014, and tourism supported 868,000 jobs, making it the fourth largest employment sector.

Statistics for outdoor recreation in New York State are equally impressive. According to an Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation in the state generates $33.8 billion in consumer spending, $12.4 billion in wages and $2.8 billion in state and local tax revenue. At least 53% of New York residents participate in outdoor recreation each year.

Nationally, outdoor recreation is the third largest sector in annual consumer spending, behind outpatient health care and financial services and insurance.

So when you go out to enjoy the outdoors, you’re not only getting exercise and having fun, you’re helping New York's economy!