New York State Parks and Historic Sites Recycle

In September, Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law that requires recycling at state parks, historic sites, and other recreational facilities. Sponsored by Senator Funke and Assemblyman Englebright, the bill (S.4084A/A.2858B) passed unanimously in both houses in June. The regulations mandate that facilities provide receptacles for glass, paper, plastic, metal, and others, and regularly collect recyclables. In the past some parks and historic sites have done this voluntarily, but now all must do it on a continuing basis.

The law will help keep our public parks and historic sites clean, and will also reduce the costs of garbage removal. According to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, recycling has many benefits, including energy savings, pollution reduction, and conservation of natural resources, among others.

In a statement Senator Funke said, “New York State should set the standard for recycling for all New Yorkers. Leading by example is one of the best ways to encourage others to do the same.”

Assemblyman Englebright said, “Recycling is one of the most powerful actions we can take to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. By setting this example in our state parks, we are paving the way for other states and municipalities to follow.”

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