You Gotta Have Tips: Facebook Fundamentals

Social media can seem confusing because there are so many options, but Facebook has some simple ways to get your information out to everyone, or just a select few. Using a Facebook Page or starting a Facebook Group can help you reach the audience you want.

Facebook Pages:

Organizations, businesses, brands, and public figures use Facebook Pages. When an individual likes a Page, they see updates and posts in their News Feed. Pages raise awareness through posts and can include announcements, events and activities, promotions, and information about an organization. The administrator for the Page manages the Page through settings, which can allow or restrict access by the public to post to the page and comment on posts. Facebook Pages also allow the Page administrator to track information about which posts are best received by the public.

To start a Facebook Page, you need to have a profile. Then, simply right click on the down arrow at the top right of the page, and select Create Page. Then choose the icon that best represents your organization's interests, and design away.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups are similar to Pages because members can see posts in their News Feed, the difference is that Groups are a discussion forum and allow any member of the group to post. There are three types of settings for Groups; Public, Closed, and Secret.

Group Type Access Visibility
  • Anyone can join, be invited or be added.
  • Anyone can see the Group, members and posts.
  • Anyone can find and ask to join but must be added by a member.
  • Anyone can find the group and see members but not posts.
  • Must be invited or added by a member.
  • Only members can find the Group and see posts.

Starting a Group is as easy as starting a Page. Right click on the down arrow at the top right, and click on Create New Group. Give your group a name, invite some people and choose your privacy setting. Click on Create, and you have a Group.

Both Facebook Pages and Groups can help an organization reach out to numerous people at once. The trick can be finding the hook that keeps bringing people back.