Making the Outdoors More Accessible

Accessible kayak launches were recently installed at Green Lakes State Park and others will be installed at Buffalo Harbor State Park later this fall, as well as at Seneca Lake and Wellesley Island State Parks next year.

Due to their instability, kayaks and canoes can be difficult to get in and out of, especially for those with physical impairments. The new dock provides two slips with an overhead grab bar to enhance stability for people while entering and exiting the vessel. One of the two slips also has a hinged ramp in the water to better hold the vessel in place before launching, as well as a low-scale stair that will allow wheelchair users to lower themselves into the boat. These docks will make it easier to launch kayaks and canoes, enabling even more people to enjoy the outdoors.

State Parks plans to add even more accessible launches at popular paddling destinations in the coming years. To read more about the Governor's announcement, click here


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