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  • August, 2015

  • Erie Canal still key to N.Y. economy

    A letter to the editor of the Albany Times Union from Robin Dropkin, Executive Director of Parks & Trails New York in response to an article from early August that downplayed the significance of the Erie Canal for New York State.

  • Erie Canal's value greatly understated

    Auburn Citizen (

    This guest column from an online feature of a Western New York publication addresses the questioning of investment of the Erie Canal by detailing its historic significance and economic impact while quoting figures from a report generated by Parks & Trails New York.

  • July, 2015

  • Cyclist celebrates his 80th birthday cycling 80 miles

    Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

    Ralph Wilson celebrated his 80th birthday cycling 80 miles along the Erie Canal, ending on Sunday, 7/19 in Fairport, NY.

  • New website promotes bicycle tours of New York's Erie Canal

    Utica Observer-Dispatch

    One of many sources featuring the launch of which coincided with the annual bike tour.

  • Annual Tour Takes Hundreds of Cyclists from Buffalo to Albany

    Schenectady Daily Gazette

    Article covering the final days of the tour as cyclists make their way into the Capital Region.

  • In stampede of bikes, riders gain perspective through Cycle the Erie Canal

    As a wave of cyclists passed through a landscape dominated by green fields, barns and silos, the dozens who had stopped up ahead were cause for concern. There were no injuries, just riders taking a break to walk down to the Culvert Road underpass or reading a sign explaining the significance of the “road under the canal” beneath them.

  • Erie Canal cyclists move through Oneida

    Oneida Daily Dispatch

    Between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Thursday, motorists near the Erie Canal Path on the north side of Oneida, probably saw lots of bicyclists crossing Route 316 or coming south on state Route 46, heading into the city for lunch or continuing along the trail toward Rome.

  • 600 cyclists roll into Syracuse on Erie Canal tour, camp in Burnet Park


    If you stop by Burnet Park in Syracuse this evening, you will see hundreds of tents set up on the grass. The tents are home for nearly 600 bike riders who are participating in the 17th annual Cycle the Erie Canal Tour, an eight-day, 400-mile bicycle tour from Buffalo to Albany. Syracuse is the midpoint.

  • Erie Canal bike tour week begins

    Times Union Blog

    An Capital Confidential Blog post from the Albany Times Union features a collection of quotes for the annual Erie Canal cycling tour which began Sunday. Governor Cuomo, Canal Corporation Director Brian U. Stratton, and PTNY's Executive Director, Robin Dropkin, share their enthusiasm for the tour in its 17th year.

  • Erie Canal cyclists stop and visit Rochester

    Democrat & Chronicle

    A day into a 400-mile tour, cyclists were able to catch their breath, re-hydrate and see a little bit of what Rochester has to offer.

  • More than 600 cyclists are riding from Buffalo to Albany with a stop in Lockport.

    Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

    Article covering the first day of the 400-mile tour from Buffalo to Albany including a statement from Governor Cuomo.

  • Ride 400 miles on the Erie Canal by bike

    Buffalo News

    It’s a cycling tour with history. Or a history tour via bicycle.

    Throw in advocacy for parks and trails along with a case study in landscape and community and you have the beginnings to describe the weeklong Cycle the Erie Canal event.

  • June, 2015

  • Erie Canal Bike Tour Attracts Those Who Want Leisurely Ride

    This year’s “Cycle the Erie Canal” bike tour begins in Buffalo on July 12 and ends eight days later in Albany on July 19. Over the tour’s course, 500 riders cover nearly 400 miles with plenty of time to take in the sights along the way.

  • Ithaca landscape architect honored as park and trail hero

    Ithaca landscape architect Rick Manning was one of eight park and trail heroes honored by Parks & Trails New York at an Albany reception.

  • Moving Backwards


    These are things that make our communities better places—sidewalks, bike lanes, and multi-use trails, said PTNY Project Director Jamie Meerdink, in this article on attempts to block federal funding for active transportation projects.

  • March, 2015

  • A Milestone On The Erie Canal Trail

    Times Union

    Cyclists and pedestrians will have more miles this year than ever on the Erie Canalway Trail. Trail advocates report that 281 miles of the 360-mile Erie Canalway Trail — 78 percent — are now open to the public between Albany and Buffalo. Parks & Trails New York and the Canalway Trails Association New York unveiled the number in their fifth annual report, Closing the Gaps: A Progress Report on the Erie Canalway Trail 2014.

  • Parks Invest a Small Price for Benefit

    The Daily Gazette

    We were disappointed to read the March 4 editorial (“State has higher priorities for taxpayer money than parks”) which pit investment in state parks against investment in other worthy programs. On the contrary, parks — like our schools and libraries — are essential community resources and an integral part of the state’s infrastructure. Our iconic park system is the oldest in the nation, and one of the most heavily visited, generating $2 billion annually to the economy — a 5-to-1 return on investment — and supporting 20,000 jobs, exclusive of park employees. The tourism dollars generated by parks are critical, especially to struggling upstate economies.

  • January, 2015

  • A Trail to Better Life, Health

    New York has an opportunity to create a multi-use trail through the Adirondacks that would be a wonderful addition to the constellation of upstate multi-use trails, including the Erie Canalway Trail that connects Albany with Buffalo. The state should amend its 1996 management plan for the 119-mile Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor to allow for the establishment of a year-round Adirondack Recreational Trail ....

  • State Park Group Gets Grant To Increase Publicity

    Salamanca Press

    The Friends of Allegany State Park, a volunteer group dedicated to work in Allegany State Park, was recently awarded a $1,734 grant by a statewide advocacy group. Parks and Trails New York (PTNY) announced the organization was one of seven groups statewide to receive funding totaling almost $16,000. For Friends of Allegany State Park, the money has been earmarked to be used for a website, brochures, banners and business cards to increase membership and fundraising...

  • October, 2014

  • Rail or Trail? Trail would be huge economic boost

    Utica Observer Dispatch

    We now have a golden opportunity to add a whole new recreational dimension to the Adirondack Park. The New York state Departments of Transportation and Environmental Conservation have announced plans to review the 120-mile Remsen-Lake Placid rail corridor to determine its best use. More good news is that the man who oversees these agencies, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, seems committed to boosting Adirondack tourism...