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Planning and building the trail are only part of the story. Managing this multi-use trail, and encouraging continued local participation in management and maintenance, are key to the Canalway Trail's ultimate success. A significant part of Parks & Trails New York's work, therefore, has focused on designing a management structure along the entire length of the trail that will ensure a consistently positive experience for all trail users — both local and from afar.

The result of this effort is the Canalway Trails Association New York (CTANY), a statewide organization of trail owners/maintainers and other stakeholders formed to assist localities in developing, managing, and maintaining the Canalway Trail. CTANY, which works in partnership with the NYS Canal Corporation, is composed of representatives from volunteer and trail user groups partnering with the municipal, county, and state officials responsible for managing and maintaining trail segments. CTANY also promotes communication among trail users, volunteers, and owners, and develops trail guidelines and policies. Parks & Trails New York acts as staff to the association, and provides it with a non-profit umbrella.

The CTANY board of directors elects officers annually. CTANY has published guidelines for design and maintenance of the trail, and has organized twelve Regional Canalway Trail Groups. Along with the board of directors and Regional Canalway Trail Groups, volunteers and trail users, organized into local friends groups, play a key role in the association. These volunteer groups assist the government agencies responsible for maintaining specific sections of the trail through the Adopt-a-Trail program.

You can download the CTANY brochure, which describes the program and has an information request form.

You can also visit the Adopt-a-Trail page to learn more about this volunteer program that helps to maintain the Erie Canalway Trail.

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