The Canalway Trail also needs regular maintenance throughout the season to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the public. Presently, about 50 groups and individuals are participating in the Canalway Trail Adopt-a-Trail program by adopting sections of trail within their communities across the state.


Trail adopters tackle many types of maintenance tasks such as picking up litter, mowing, trimming brush, removing fallen branches, raking and patching the trail surface, maintaining signs, painting, and landscaping. Adopters sign an agreement with the NYS Canal Corporation. Registered volunteers are accorded Worker's Compensation Insurance protection as provided by law and liability insurance coverage, provided they are acting within the scope of the Adopt-a-Trail program.

The NYS Canal Corporation provides adopters with an identifying tee shirt. Trail adopters are able to work on their own schedule but it is recommended that between April and November they engage in maintenance activities once a month.

Interested in becoming a Canalway Trail Adopter?

The interactive Adopt-a-Trail map below shows where trail is presently adopted (in green) and what sections are available for adoption (in orange). This program is funded through the Canal Corporation; therefore, only lands owned and managed by the Canal Corporation are eligible for adoption. If you have questions about adopting a stretch of trail that is not owned and managed by the Canal Corporation please email

​Need more information?

Read more about the Adopt-a-Trail Program at the Canal Corporation website.

To learn more or to sign up, please contact Parks & Trails New York,, or call