I Love My Park Day Sponsorship

Special thanks to all of our I Love My Park Day Sponsors!

I Love My Park Day makes a big difference for our precious parks and provides extraordinary visibility for our Sponsors. In 2018, the event received press coverage in more than 100 media outlets, including newspapers and television stations in every major media market and was highlighted in the social media accounts of Parks & Trails, New York, the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, I Love New York and the Governor’s Office.

Your company can be a leader in I Love My Park Day, a statewide event that reaches millions of environmental and health conscious New York families.

Become a sponsor!

Are you interested in working with state leaders and thousands of other New Yorkers to celebrate and improve New York’s state parks and historic sites?

I Love My Park Day offers opportunities for companies to:

    • Demonstrate environmental leadership
    • Support community pride
    • Provide hands-on volunteer and team-building opportunities for employees
    • Garner positive media coverage and generate good will among customers, employees, decision-makers, and the general public

The first-ever statewide I Love My Park Day provided extraordinary visibility to our Sponsors. The event received unprecedented press coverage in more than 75 media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and newspapers and television stations in every major media market.

Don’t wait – contact us today and join the leaders who are demonstrating their support for our state parks, New Yorkers' hometown green space.





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