​I Love My Park Day 2017 Events


map-click-to-open.jpgMore than 125 state parks, historic sites and public lands hosted I Love My Park Day events on May 6, 2017. This year's event was the largest ever! Five National Park Service sites took part, as well as 15 properties managed by the Department of Environmental Conservation in the Adirondack and Catskill regions and at four environmental centers. Read more in Governor Cuomo's press release about the sixth annual I Love My Park Day.

2017 I Love My Park Day Participating Sites and Contact Information

Adirondack Park

  • Cranberry Lake Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov
  • Fish Creek Pond Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov
  • Golden Beach Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov
  • Peninsula Nature Trails
    • Call: 518-897-1286 Email Address: steve.guglielmi@dec.ny.gov
  • Scaroon Manor Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov
  • John Brown Farm Historic Site
  • Lake George Beach

Capital District / Saratoga

  • Bennington Battlefield
    • Call: 518-860-9094 Email Address: david.pitlyk@parks.ny.gov
  • Cherry Plain State Park
  • Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
  • Grafton Lakes State Park
  • Grant Cottage State Historic Site
  • Max V. Shaul State Park
  • Moreau Lake State Park
    • Call: 518-793-0511 Email: peter.iskenderian@parks.ny.gov
  • Peebles Island State Park
    • Call: 518-409-5993 Email Address: michael.roets@parks.ny.gov or david.m.demarco@gmail.com
  • Saratoga National Historical Park - Registration Closed
  • Saratoga Spa State Park
  • Schodack Island State Park
    • Call: 518 766-0561 or (cell) 518 366-6510
      Email Address: ashley.drum@parks.ny.gov or adbent59@gmail.com
  • Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site
    • Phone (518) 829-7516 Cell 518-829-7518
      Email: janice.fontanella@parks.ny.gov or david.brooks@parks.ny.gov
  • Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site
    • Call: 518 434-0834 or (cell) 518 -275-7695 Email Address: heidi.hill@parks.ny.gov
  • Thacher State Park
    • Call: 518-872-1501 Email: johnkil@juno.com
  • Washington County Grasslands WMA
    • Call: 518-897-1367 Email Address: james.stickles@dec.ny.gov

Catskill Park

  • Catskill Interpretive Center
    • Call: 845-256-3083 Email: ian.dunn@dec.ny.gov
  • Kaaterskill Falls Wild Forest
    • Call: (607) 652-3607 Email Address: bryan.ellis@dec.ny.gov
  • North South Lake Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov
  • Woodland Valley Campground
    • Call: 518-402-9059 Email Address: jessica.mcbride@dec.ny.gov

Central Region

  • Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park
    • Call: 607-638-5421 Email Address: Dean.Cole@parks.ny.gov or Ryann.Young@parks.ny.gov
  • Bowman Lake State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 607-334-2718 - Email Address: anna.cummings@parks.Ny.gov
  • Chenango Valley State Park
    • Call: 607-648-5251 Email: michael.boyle@parks.ny.gov or maureen.starrs@parks.ny.gov
  • Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum
    • Call: 315-687-3801 Email Address: coordinator@clcbm.org or Mallen18@twcny.rr.com
  • Clark Reservation
  • Delta Lake State Park
    • Call: 315-337-4670 Email: ashley.dineen@parks.ny.gov
  • Fort Ontario
  • Fort Stanwix National Monument
    • Call: 315-336-3126 Email Address: michelle_riter@nps.gov
  • Gilbert Lake State Park
    • Call: 607-432-2114 Email Address: thomas.brownell@parks.ny.gov
  • Glimmerglass State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 607-547-8662 - Email Address: Ryann.Young@parks.ny.gov
  • Green Lakes State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 315-637-6111 - Email Address: LAURA.TULLY@PARKS.NY.GOV
  • Old Erie Canal State Park - Oneida
  • Oquaga Creek - Registration Closed
    • Call: 607-467-4160 - Email Address: darius.talandis@parks.ny.gov
  • Pixley Falls State Park
    • Call: 315-337-4670 Email: ashley.dineen@parks.ny.gov
  • Rome Sand Plains
    • Call:315-866-6330 Email Address: scott.healy@dec.ny.gov
  • Selkirk Shores
    • Call: 315-298-5737 Email Address: shelly.wilmott@parks.ny.gov
  • Verona Beach State Park
    • Call: 315 762 4463 or call (cell) 973 800 8955 Email Address: james.jeffery@parks.ny.gov

Finger Lakes

  • Catherine Valley Trail
    • Call: 607-426-4015 Email: csutterby@stny.rr.com or csutterby@gmail.com
  • Cayuga Lake State Park
    • Call: 315-568-5163 Email: erica.wheatley@parks.ny.gov
  • Chimney Bluffs
    • Call: 315-947-5205 Email: genevieve.kline@parks.ny.gov
  • Fair Haven Beach State Park
    • Call: 315-947-5205 Email: genevieve.kline@parks.ny.gov
  • Fillmore Glen State Park
    • Call: 315-497-0130 Email Address: john.burns@parks.ny.gov or jeff.zaia@parks.ny.gov
  • Ganondagan State Historic Site
    • Call: 585-742-1690 Email: jeanette@ganondagan.org
  • Genesee Valley Greenway
    • Call: 585-476-2354 Email: jschumaker38@gmail.com
  • Hamlin Beach State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call:585-636-7068 - Email Address: hmsrn70@comcast.net or kklopp@rochester.rr.com
  • Ithaca Dog Park (near Treman Marina)
    • Call: 607-272-2422 Email Address: zaftigg@gmail.com
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Robert H. Treman State Park
    • Call: 607-273-3440 Email Address: cassy.lovelace@parks.ny.gov
  • Sampson State Park
    • Call: 315-585-6392 Email Address: Nicole.Miracle@parks.ny.gov
  • Seneca Lake State Park
    • Call: 315-789-2331 or (cell) 315-694-1262 Email Address: john.tharp@parks.ny.gov
  • Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion - State Historic Site - Registration Closed
  • Stony Brook State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 585-335-8111 - Email Address: arthur.briley@parks.ny.gov
  • Taughannock Falls State Park
    • Call: (607)387-6739 or (cell) (607)-229-6376
      Email Address: sonja.vann@parks.ny.gov or john.vanvalen@parks.ny.gov
  • Two Rivers State Park Recreation Area
    • Call: 607-732-6067 Email Address: victoria.srnka@parks.ny.gov

Hudson Valley

  • Bannerman Island - Registration Closed
    • Call: 845- 561-8023 or (cell) 845-401-8574 - Email Address: Bgottlock@hvc.rr.com
  • Beaver Pond Campground - Harriman State Park
    • Call: (845)947-2792 Email Address: abigail.parryleo@parks.ny.gov
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park
    • Call: 914-721-0598 or (cell) 917-767-3198 Email Address: hiking@45N68W.com
  • Jay Heritage Center
    • Call: 914-698-9275 Email: jayheritagecenter@gmail.com
  • Little Stony Point Citizens Association
  • Minnewasksa State Park Preserve - Registration Closed
  • Minnewaska State Park Preserve - Sam's Point
  • Olana State Historic Site
  • Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park
    • Call: 914-941-8536 or (cell) 914-588-5277 Email Address: daldenpc@bestweb.net
  • Rockefeller State Park Preserve
    • Call: 914-762-0209 Email Address: friends@friendsrock.org
  • Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites
    • Call: 845-229-9115x2025 Email Address: scott_rector@nps.gov
  • Staatsburgh State Historic Site - Registration Closed
    • Call: 845-889-8851 Email Address: pam.malcolm@parks.ny.gov
  • Sterling Forest State Park
    • Call: 845-351-5907 Email: michael.mcelroy@parks.ny.gov or nina.galitzine@parks.ny.gov
  • Stony Kill Farm and Environmental Education Center
    • Call: 845-831-3800 or (cell) 845-416-5507
      Email Address: foundation@stonykill.org or paul@stonykill.org
  • Taconic State Park- Copake Falls
    • Call: 518-329-3993 or (cell) 845-594-4714 Email Address: christopher.rickard@parks.ny.gov
  • Trailside Museums & Zoo, Bear Mountain State Park
    • Call: 845-786-2701 x 265 Email: elaine.brown@parks.ny.gov
  • Walkway Over the Hudson

Long Island

  • Bayard Cutting Arboretum
    • Call: 631-581-1002 Email: Lee.Kennedy@parks.ny.gov
  • Belmont Lake - Registration Closed
    • Call:631 667 5055 - Email Address: Joseph.brodtman@parks.ny.gov or sarah.canning@parks.ny.gov
  • Bethpage State Park
    • Call: 516-249-0700 x109 - Email Address: Ron.Grabowski@parks.ny.gov
  • Caleb Smith State Park Preserve - Registration Closed
    • Call: 631-265-1054 - Email: Kathleen.Roth@parks.ny.gov
  • Captree State Park
    • Call: 631-669-0449 ext 203 - Email Address: john.cumberland@parks.ny.gov
  • Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve
    • Call: 516 381 8289 - Email Address: suefeustel@optonline.net or leonard.KraussJr@parks.ny.gov
  • Connetquot River State Park Preserve
    • Call: 631-581-1005 - Email: Theresa.Simeone@parks.ny.gov
  • Fire Island National Seashore
  • Heckscher State Park
    • Call: 631-581-2100 or (cell) 631-416-2618 - Email Address: timothy.watson@parks.ny.gov
  • Hempstead Lake State Park
    • Call: Phone (516)766-1029 or Cell (516)375-8380 - Email: william.brown@parks.ny.gov
  • Jones Beach
    • Call: 516 679-7200 - Email Address: camille.campo@parks.ny.gov
  • Montauk Point State Park
    • Call: 631-668-2765 - Email Address: thomas.dess@parks.ny.gov
  • Nissequogue River State Park
    • Call: 516-437-4000 - Email Address: jmcquaid@hotmail.com
  • Orient Beach State Park
    • Call: 631 323 2440 - Email Address: william.bohach@parks.ny.gov or susanne.wuehler@parks.ny.gov
  • Planting Fields
  • Robert Moses State Park
  • Sunken Meadow State Park
    • Call:(631) 269-4333 ext. 202 - Email Address: kevin.brew@parks.ny.gov or sean.cruickshank@parks.ny.gov
  • Valley Stream State Park
    • Call: 516-825-4128 - Email Address: irma.mason@park.ny.gov
  • Walt Whitman Birthplace State Historic Site
    • Call: 631-427-5240 x112 - Email Address: events@waltwhitman.org or director@waltwhitman.org
  • Wildwood State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 631-929-4314 - Email Address: Matthew.Canning@parks.ny.gov

New York City

  • Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve
    • Call: 718-605-3970 x201 or (cell) 347-283-0182 - Email Address: emily.becker@parks.ny.gov
  • East River State Park
    • Call: 718-782-2731 - Email: pawel.szulinski@parks.ny.gov
  • FDR Four Freedoms Park
    • Call: 212-204-8831 or (cell) 646-358-6002 - Email: ldejesus@fdrffp.org or astangenberg@fdrffp.org
  • Gantry Plaza State Park
    • Call: 917-282-4123 - Email Address: rbasch@hunterspointparks.org
  • Gateway National Recreation Area
  • Hudson River Park
    • Call: 212-757-0981 x726 or (cell) 347-515-2242 - Email: ksiegel@fohrp.org
  • Mt. Loretto Unique Area
    • Call: 718-482-6404 - Email Address: Brittany.DiLeo@dec.ny.gov
  • Riverbank State Park
  • Roberto Clemente State Park - Registration Closed

Thousand Islands

  • Black River Trail
    • Call: 315- 938- 5083 - Email: hawley.carr@parks.ny.gov or adam.hanson@parks.ny.gov
  • Cedar Point State Park
    • Call: 315-654-2522 or (cell) 315-775-6969 - Email: christopher.williams@parks.ny.gov
  • Higley Flow State Park
    • Call: 315-262-2880 Email Address: Henry.Sieg@parks.ny.gov
  • Long Point
    • Call: 315 938-5083 - Email: hawley.carr@parks.ny.gov or floyd.gould@parks.ny.gov
  • Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
    • Call: 315-482-2479 - Email: molly.farrell@parks.ny.gov
  • Point au Roche State Park
    • Call: (518) 563-0369 - Email Address: friendspar19@gmail.com
  • Robert Moses State Park - Thousand Islands
    • Call: 315-705-5022 or (cell) 315-775-6167
      Email: linda@massenanaturecenter.com or douglas.croley@parks.ny.gov
  • Southwick Beach
    • Call: 315 938 5083 - Email: hawley.carr@parks.ny.gov or adam.hanson@parks.ny.gov
  • Westcott Beach
    • Call: 315 938 5083
      Email: hawley.carr@parks.ny.gov or joshua.payette@parks.ny.gov

Western NY

  • Allegany State Park - Registration Closed
    • Call: 716-432-6964 - Email Address: samb157@roadrunner.com or alleganypaul@gmail.com
  • Artpark - Registration Closed
    • Call: 716-754-9008 - Email: kmiller@artpark.net
  • Evangola State Park
    • Call: 716-549-1050 - Email Address:dave.mcquay@parks.ny.gov
  • Golden Hill State Park
    • Call: (716)795-3885 - Email Address: renee.campbell@parks.ny.gov or friendsof30mplh@hotmail.com
  • Knox Farm State Park
    • Call: 716-848-1544 - Email Address: bmaloney@hodgsonruss.com
  • Long Point State Park
    • Call: 716-386-3165 or 856-723-3544 - Email Address: autumn.buck@parks.ny.gov or Thomas.Ennis@parks.ny.gov
  • Niagara Falls State Park
    • Call: 716-278-1755
      Email Address: Janice.Wegrzynowski@parks.ny.gov or Mary.Dugan@parks.ny.gov
  • Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve - Registration Closed
    • Call: 716-683-5959 - Email: meaghan.boice-green@dec.ny.gov
  • Whirlpool Park
    • Call: 716-284-5778 - Email Address: patricia.raymond@parks.ny.gov or ion.meyer@parks.ny.gov
  • Wilson Tuscarora State Park
    • Call: 716-282-5154 - Email Address: tina.spencer@parks.ny.gov

Local Parks

In addition to the events at state and national parks listed above, local parks get in the spirit too! Below is a list of local parks that are hosting events.

  • The Organizers of “Kingston Clean Sweep” are looking for volunteers for the eighth annual sprucing up the city. The event is to place from 9 a.m. to noon. Volunteers will pick up litter along the “Kingston Corridor,” from the railroad crossing on Washington Avenue, near the Esopus Creek, through the Uptown business district and down Broadway to the Rondout waterfront, as well as on some side streets. Kingston Clean Sweep is sponsored by the Friends of Historic Kingston, with support from the city of Kingston and numerous business, service and civic organizations, schools, churches and individual volunteers. This year, the event coincides with the Kingston “Clean up the Parks” program. Each group or individual is assigned a section of the “Sweep Corridor” and is supplied with trash bags and plastic gloves donated by local businesses. Volunteers are asked to bring their own rakes and brooms. Filled bags are placed at the curb to be collected by the city Department of Public Works immediately following the event. Some of the participating organizations for this year’s Clean Sweep include the Friends of Historic Kingston, Junior League of Kingston, Kingston High School, Kingston Rotary, Kingston Uptown Business Association, Ulster Garden Club, Young Ulster Professionals, Rondout Rowing Club and Ward Four community group. Last year, about 250 volunteers picked up almost 4,000 pounds of trash and 11 cubic yards of litter, yard waste and metal materials.
  • Bethlehem Town Hall Playground and Ball Field, 445 Delaware Ave, Delmar – 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. -- Volunteers needed for installation of new playground equipment, ball field cleanup, planting, etc. -- Organized by Friends of Bethlehem Parks and Recreation -- www.friendsofbethlehemparks.org/news.php
  • Croton Point Park in Westchester County, NY will be cleaning http://parks.westchestergov.com/croton-point-park on May 6,2017. Please meet at the pavilion ( main parking lot ) at 9 AM.
  • I Love My (DOG) Park Day! Saturday, May 6, 2017 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Light Refreshments Provided) at Rebecca Weitsman Memorial Dog Park (Hickories Park, Owego). Come show your love and give back to our beautiful Dog Park and volunteer some time on site for I Love My Park Day! Volunteers from across New York State participate in cleanup, improvement, and beautification events at New York State parks and historic sites each year on the first Saturday in May. They celebrate New York’s park system by cleaning up park lands, restoring trails, removing invasive species, and working on various site improvement projects.The Dog Park grounds will need some green-thumb love! Spiffy up our facilities and prepare them for the summer season. If you have a rake, garden tools, shovel or work gloves – bring them along! We can also use toilet bowl brushes to clean the fences and pruning shear to prune the cedar trees

  • .ITS_MY_PARK.jpg
  • I Love My Park Day readies Utica’s Olmsted parks for the season. The Central New York Conservancy will host Utica's 5th Annual I Love My Park Day from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 6. "Utica has an incredible 600-acres of parkland to protect, nurture, and preserve, thanks to the legacy of TR Proctor and the vision of urban landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.," said Peter C. Falzarine, Executive Director of the Conservancy. I Love My Park Day was created in 2012 in New York State to celebrate the State's parks and historic sites and their importance in a community's quality of life. Many local park events are also held in city parks throughout the State on the first Saturday in May as well."This year, the Conservancy is collaborating with Kelly Fleming and iServe (located on the campus of Mohawk Valley Community College in Rome, NY) to recruit volunteers to assist with various clean-up projects in the parks," said Falzarine.Clean-up activities will occur rain or shine. Conservancy volunteers will rake, prune, mulch, and prep FT Proctor Park for the upcoming busy summer season. “Special attention will be focused on cleaning up the lower area across from Starch Factory Creek, which was formerly a naturalized butterfly garden,” Falzarine noted.Volunteers will also groom and prepare a raised bed for planting across from Starch Factory Creek. "The circular masonry planter has been a fixture in FT Proctor Park for many years," said Falzarine. It will make a beautiful, raised garden bed with a little TLC."In addition, the Utica Children's Museum invites its young friends and families to Utica's FT Proctor Park on May 6 to help get it ready for a busy season of walkers, bike riders, trail hikers, and nature lovers. The plan is to assist Conservancy volunteers with beautifying Utica's parks. "This is a great way to get to know our local green spaces and take care of them at the same time," said Museum Program Coordinator Jessica Bickford-Manson. "We will have a special nature-themed snack and maybe play some outdoor games as well."Clean-up activities will occur rain or shine. Conservancy volunteers include student members of local NJROTC units, employees from Stewart's Shops, and staff from Bank of NY-Mellon.Those who wish to pitch in and help with clean-up are encouraged to bring their own rakes, tarps. and gardening gloves. I Love My Park Day and the Children's Museum event are open to the public. Young children must be accompanied by an adult. The Children's Museum program is underwritten by a Community Health Award grant from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, and is part of a "Children's Health Benefits Provided by Nature" monthly series created by the Utica Children's Museum and co-hosted by the Conservancy that will run through October 2017. The day before I Love My Park Day (May 5), the Conservancy will plant 12-15 trees in specific locations in FT Proctor Park. "Seven of the trees have been purchased with a grant from Stewart's Shops," noted Falzarine. "Another five trees will be planted in the park to replace diseased and unsafe trees removed last Arbor Day 2016. Several additional trees will be planted in the Memorial Grove adjacent to the parking area in FT Proctor Park, to replace trees that were planted last year and did not survive our snowy winter." To volunteer, contact Peter Falzarine at pfalzarine@roadrunner.com or email the Conservancy at centralnyconservancy@gmail.com. There is also a volunteer form available on the Conservancy website at www.uticaolmstedparks.org. To learn more about NY State's I Love My Park Day, please visit https://www.ptny.org/ilovemypark/findanevent.shtml
  • Harlem Grown: On Saturday, May 6th, 11am-3pm at 118 W 134th St, volunteers will help with farm tasks such as composting, bed prep, planting and working with our students. More information about our organization can be found at www.harlemgrown.org

To publicize an I Love My Park Day event at a local park, email us at ilovemypark@ptny.org. We will advertise your event on our website, but we do not provide online registration services or T-shirts or banners for local parks.

Organizing an event and don't see your site listed? Let us know.






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