Both riders and non-riding participants can volunteer to help out during the ride. Volunteers who commit to the entire tour ride for free. Time commitments are detailed with each job description. There are many volunteer possibilities available, including SAG and luggage truck drivers, rest stop help, route marking and more!

2023 CTHV Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information


Volunteer Process

The volunteer application will open in January, and positions will start to be assigned in February. Positions will continue to be filled up to the start of the ride as there are often last-minute cancellations. If you are assigned a position there is no cost for the ride, volunteers ride for free!


All volunteers must agree to abide by the Pandemic/Covid19 Policy.

FRIDAY EVENING & Saturday, July 28-29 Volunteer meeting times

Saturday, July 29 meeting times will be set in the spring. Saturday meeting times will run throughout the day, beginning at 9 a.m. at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY-our start location.

An all volunteer meeting will be held Friday evening, July 28, in the Albany-Troy area, if you cannot attend in person you can attend via a zoom link we will send out closer to the event, after volunteer positions are assigned. Location TBD

Work Schedules

  • Work Every Other Day/Ride Every Other Day-You will work 4 days/Ride 4 days.

Volunteer positions with an every other day schedule will be assigned to either Crew A or Crew B.

A Crew will work Saturday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday (July 29, 31, August 2 & 4).

B Crew will work Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (July 30, August 1, 3, & 5).

  • Ride Every Day

These positions combine the job and riding the route every day.

  • Special Schedule-Listed with Job

Volunteer Position List


(For detailed descriptions of each position, view the VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTIONS)

1. LUGGAGE TRUCK DRIVER -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

2. LUGGAGE TRUCK ASSISTANT -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

3. SITE CREW -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

4. CAR SAG -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

5. ROUTE MARKER -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

6. BIKE SAG -- Ride Every Day

7. REST STOP -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

8. OVERNIGHT CREW -- Ride Every Day

9. MEDICAL -- Ride Every Day

11. PM INFORMATION & SIGNAGE -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

12. REST STOP TRUCK DRIVER -- Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

13. ADMINISTRATIVE TRUCK DRIVER-Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

14. MISCELLANEOUS VOLUNTEER-Ride Every Other Day/Work Every Other Day

Special Schedule

15. PRE & POST CREW -- Work Before Start (July 27-29) Work During Ride Friday & Saturday (Aug. 4 & 5) & Sunday (Aug. 5) after tour. Ride Sunday to Thursday, July 29-Aug. 3)

16. OTHER-If you have an idea for a position that would be terrific for this event, please let us know.

Volunteer Coordinators


REST STOP - Lois Dimock

Meeting Schedule


Volunteer Meeting Schedule for Cycle the Hudson Valley 2023 will be set in the spring.

Friday evening, July 28, All-Volunteer Mtg., held in the Albany-Troy area-attend in-person or via zoom. Location TBD.

Saturday (July 29)-Volunteer meetings will begin at 9 a.m. and will be held throughout the day for each position. Meetings will be at our start location in Troy at Hudson Valley Community College.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact
April Amodei at aprilamodei@gmail.com