May 20, 2024


Join us in Albany on Monday, May 20 for Greenways Advocacy Summit 2024, the leading gathering of statewide advocates for expanding New York's network of greenway trails.

The morning will consist of a “mini-conference” at The Egg in Albany, where some of the most respected and accomplished leaders in greenway trail development from around the state will present on exciting new initiatives underway to construct additional greenway trails and what is being done to enhance their standing as centers of local, trail-based economic development. This “mini-conference” will be open to advocates, state and local government representatives, and any other interested trail professional, and will be an opportunity for a far-ranging discussion and the future of New York’s greenway trail network.

In the afternoon, advocates will take to the halls of the State Capitol, and will lobby legislators on the importance of passing the Greenway Trails for a Green Future legislative package and including a significant investment in greenway trail construction in the 2025 New York State budget. Advocacy days require no previous experience, and all groups will be led by an experienced advocate.

May 20 Greenways Advocacy Summit Tentative Schedule

Location: Hart Lounge in the Egg Performing Arts Center at the Empire State Plaza

  • 9:00 AM: Registration
  • 9:30 AM: Morning "Mini-Conference" program
    • Speakers to be confirmed.
  • 12:00 PM: Lunch
  • 1:00 - 4:00 PM: Meetings with Legislators in the NYS Capitol and the Legislative Office Building

More information on PTNY's Greenway Trails Advocacy Efforts

  • PTNY's Greenway Trails for a Green Future legislative package. This package of seven bills would improve trail user safety and the trail user experience, give municipalities the flexibility to use a wider range of funding sources to support greenway trail expansion and maintenance, and would unlock additional trail corridors for development and to improve network connectivity.
  • PTNY's new publication Trails Across New York: A Grassroots Guide to Developing Greenway Trails. This resource provides detailed information to support greenway trails development in communities around the state. The steps outlined in the guide provide a high-level overview of the various aspects of trail development from initial concept to construction, as well as how participation from a broad range of individuals, agencies, organizations, and landowners will factor in throughout the process.
  • PTNY's annual New York State Greenway Trails Progress Report. This report summarizes accomplishments and progress made on the goals and recommendations of the state’s Greenway Trails Plan through the end of 2022, including an update on continued improvements and enhancements to the Empire State Trail, funding achievements for Greenway Trails, updates on trail-related projects from around the state, and highlights on other accomplishments that advance the goals and recommendations of the Greenway Trails Plan.
  • The 2021 Statewide Greenway Trails Plan was developed following the passage of legislation championed by PTNY (A. 5035/S. 4416). The Statewide Greenway Trails Plan identifies seven key goals:Prioritize the development and expansion of greenway trails in underserved communities.
    • Collect and publish information to aid in the planning, development, and management of greenway trails.
    • Expand the Greenway Trails System to reach more New Yorkers in more areas.
    • Provide funding opportunities for the acquisition, planning, development, and maintenance of greenway trails.
    • Foster greater collaboration between agency & stakeholder partners to advance greenway trails in New York.
    • Promote the Greenway Trails System as a destination for tourism, healthy recreation, and active lifestyles.
    • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian transportation options by connecting greenway trails and communities.
    The plan also includes a GIS inventory of existing, planned, and proposed greenway trails across the state.