Give back, speak out, enjoy!

Parks & Trails New York organizes and hosts events to highlight, improve and advocate for New York’s parks and trails. From volunteer workdays to advocacy days to bike tours, join us in giving back, speaking out, and enjoying our treasured outdoor places.

Give back!

Give back to the outdoor places you love by attending a volunteer event in your community. PTNY spearheads two spring volunteer cleanup events that bring thousands of volunteers together to clean up and enhance New York’s parks, trails, and historic sites. Sign up for our free newsletters so you can stay up-to-date with activities and events that will make your visits to New York’s awesome parks and trails even more fun and rewarding.

Speak Out!

Make your voice heard. Participate in one of our Advocacy Days and speak out for the parks and trails you use and love. PTNY, along with our partners, organizes two advocacy days during the legislative session, bringing park and trail supporters and bicycle and pedestrian advocates to Albany to meet with our decision makers.


We love the outdoors in New York, the beaches, the lakes, the mountains. And, of course, the parks and trails. We believe the best way to protect these treasured outdoor places for generations to come is to make sure people get out and enjoy them. So get out and visit a favorite park, experience a new trail, discover a local nature preserve.