Interactive Trail Map


The interactive Erie Canalway Trail map is a powerful tool for planning a trip, tracking your progress while on the trail, or helping you to navigate to trail destinations. From Buffalo to Albany, all trail segments and on-road connections are displayed in bright colors corresponding to trail surface.

Clicking on the Map Display button launches a key that identifies the different map features including:

  • Trail surfaces
  • Connections to other trails or alternate routes
  • Attractions
  • Visitor Information
  • Bike shops
  • Parking
  • Canal locks
  • Historic Canal Infrastructure

Quick searches can be accomplished by using the search bar at the top of the map. Along the bottom of the page, the Search by Category feature allows users to search for accommodations and attractions that appear in PTNY's Cycling the Erie Canal guidebook, as well as other amenities such as restaurants, ATMs, and grocery stores.


Plus and minus signs in the upper left corner allow you to zoom in or out. As you zoom in, symbols identifying the features listed above will appear. Clicking on a symbol will zoom in to that location at the street level and launch a modal box with address and contact information.

Other useful tools include a Measure Tool that shows mileage from point to point. To use the Measure Tool:

  • Click the ruler icon in the lower right corner.
  • Click a spot on the map as your start point.
  • Continue to single-click points along your route to trace your path.
  • Upon reaching your end-point, double-click on the spot to release the tool and view your total mileage.

The interactive map isn't just for trip-planning, either. It is also optimized to work smoothly on your smartphone and web-enabled device. Clicking on the GPS tool will quickly display your location, and allow you to track your progress from the trail.

For a GPX file of the Erie Canalway Trail (useful for any GPS unit), click here.

Start & End Points

Don't miss a photo opp with the iconic pair of signs that mark the east and west ends of the Erie Canal! Each of the end points below links to the exact location on google maps.

West end: Buffalo, Canal Place - Erie Canalway Trail Mile Marker Zero
East end: Albany, Corning Riverfront Preserve - Erie Canal: Hudson River Entrance

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