The Canalway Trail is not just a great cycling destination. Its water, wetlands, woodlands and parks offer opportunities for numerous other outdoor recreational activities. Boating, camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, bird watching and fishing are a few more great ways to enjoy the areas around the trail. You can also sit back and just enjoy the scenery!


Thomas Creek Wetlands Walk

  43 Liftbridge Lane E


Seneca Lake State Park

  1 Lakefront Dr
  (315) 789-2331
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Blue Cut Nature Center

  7210 State Highway 31
  (315) 946-5830
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Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

  3395 U.S. Route 20
  (315) 568-5987
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Montezuma Audubon Center

  2295 State Route 89
  (315) 365-3580
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Northern Montezuma Wildlife Managment Area

  1385 Morgan Rd
  (585) 226-5380
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Genesee Valley Park

  1000 E River Rd
  (585) 753-7275
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Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park

  180 Reservoir Ave
  (585) 753-7270
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Warner Castle Estate Gardens | Alling DeForest Sunken Garden

  5 Castle Park
  (585) 546-7029
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Ellwanger Garden

  625 Mount Hope Ave
  (585) 546-7029
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Seneca Park Zoo

  2222 St Paul St
  (585) 336-7200
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 Seneca Falls

Cayuga Lake State Park

  2678 Lower Lake Rd
  (315) 568-5163
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James Pass Arboretum

  100 S Avery Ave
  (315) 473-4330
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Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park

  1 Conservation Place - Burnet Park
  (315) 435-8511
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