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Launched in 2017, Bike Friendly New York (BFNY) is a bicycle friendly business certification program administered by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) and the New York State Canal Corporation. BFNY aims to recognize and promote businesses that provide special accommodations for bicyclists. A wide range of businesses can apply for bike-friendly certification, including restaurants and bars, lodging, shops, and museums. BFNY was conceived with businesses located along the statewide Erie Canalway Trail (ECT) in mind; however, eligible businesses across New York may apply and be certified.

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Download and print a copy of our Bike Friendly New York Certified Business List brochure to take along with you on your ride along the Erie Canalway Trail.

Going the Extra Mile

What does it mean when you see the Bike Friendly New York logo outside of a business? It depends on the business. Above all, bike friendly businesses value cyclists as customers. They strive to meet the unique needs of cyclists.

To become certified as a Bike Friendly New York business, establishments must meet simple requirements. Beyond the basics, there are a wide range of ways that businesses serve cyclists.

To become certified as a Bike Friendly New York business, the establishment MUST:

  • Have identified parking area for bicycles (preferably sheltered and secured).
  • Have knowledge of local cycling routes, local bike shops, bike rentals, and tourist information or, can direct bicyclists to where they can find information on these resources.
  • Have a physical location that is open to the public and keeps posted hours.

Requirements by Business Category


  • Basic repair tools and a pump available
  • Two additional bike friendly amenities or services


  • Reserved space for bicyclists with no reservation required
  • Offer one-night stays
  • Basic repair tools and a pump available
  • Two additional bike friendly amenities or services

Food & Drink Service

  • Healthy, local food and/or drinks
  • One additional bike friendly amenity or service

Bike Shops

  • Basic repair tools and pump for public use
  • Offer bicycle rentals and/or bicycle shipping services

Museums, Galleries & Other Businesses

  • One additional bike friendly amenity or service

Additional Amenities and Services

BFNY provides flexibility by requiring a few basic services be offered, and then allowing businesses to choose the ways in which they'll cater to cyclists through additional Bicycle Friendly Business amenities and services. The easiest way to accommodate bicyclists is by showing genuine interest in their journey. Some other examples include but are not limited to:

  • Offering discounts to cyclists
  • Offering extended or long-term vehicle parking
  • Public charging station for phones, tablets, etc.
  • Publicizing visitors in bicycling attire are welcome
  • Accepting packages and mail for bicyclists
  • Carrying small, place-specific souvenirs of your community
  • Posting your menu or venue information outside

Get Certified as a Bike Friendly New York Business

Bicycling is the second most popular outdoor activity in the U.S., and an increasing number of people are seeking out new places to ride, whether for an afternoon or a week-long vacation. Bike tourists need food and a place to stay, and they spend moneyon gas and souvenirs. They are looking to experience the places they visit, in a real way.

How to Get Certified

  1. Review program requirements
  2. Fulfill required criteria and bike friendly amenities or services for your business category
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Your application will be reviewed and you may be contacted with further questions
  5. Receive your certification packet, and put up your BFNY decal (and optional signage)

There is no cost to participate in the BFNY program. Certification is good for three years. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

All BFNY-certified businesses will receive a window decal and have the option to purchase durable exterior signage.

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