Please review this policy. You will be asked to agree to adhere to the policy on your registration form.

Travel Groups - These are people that you have traveled with to attend this event. Travel groups are allowed to eat together, stand in lines together, set up tents together/etc.


  • New York State requires masks and/or 6 ft. social distancing at all times everywhere. If you are arriving from another State that does not have these guidelines be prepared to adhere to NYS requirements in your daily activities.
  • New York State allows you to remove your mask when eating or drinking.
  • All lines must include 6 ft. social distancing & masks between travel groups
  • You should expect to wear a mask & social distance everywhere, after dismounting your bicycle. Exceptions are your tent space area, eating & drinking.
  • In densely populated areas, it may be required that you wear a mask while bicycling.


Masks must be worn at:

  • Overnight Sites (exception is eating, drinking or in your own personal tent space)
  • Rest Stops (exception is eating or drinking)

Social Distancing-6 ft.

Required for all lines at rest stops, picking up information, meals, lectures, entertainment, etc. in addition to masks. Exceptions are travel groups.

COVID-19 Policies (Screenings/Testing/Vaccination)

Health Screenings - CTEC will email all registered participants a NY State Health Screening Form, we ask that you self-administer and do not travel to event if answering yes to any of the questions. Link to form:

Temperature Checks/Wellness Checks-CTEC will be checking temperatures and wellness (NY State Health Screening) at registration (written) and throughout the week at breakfast (verbal). Guidelines for vaccinated participants, regarding health screenings, in large groups settings may change by July 2021.

COVID-19 Testing - Participants are required to arrive with a negative Covid Test, taken within 3 days of event. NY State does not accept Covid-19 vaccinations to replace Covid19 testing requirements for special events. To meet current (April 1, 2021) NY State Guidelines, additional testing may be required during the July 10-18 event. PTNY will notify all registered riders, prior to the event, if additional testing is necessary. Guidelines for vaccinated participants, regarding testing requirements, in large groups settings may change by July 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccination - Currently all large event guidelines apply equally to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. These guidelines may change by July 2021. NYS does allow fully vaccinated individuals (within 90 days) to travel domestically without quarantine, see

We recommend that you bring a copy of (or phone picture) your vaccination record.

COVID-19 Virus - If any participant exhibits symptoms or signs of Covid 19 (or tests positive), CTEC will provide transportation needed for the participant, and all travel members of their group, to: seek medical care or return to their vehicle. Travel members, who are fully vaccinated, will not be required to leave. Please see the Mitigation Plan for more information on COVID-19 during the event.

SAG Vehicles

Support vehicles (SAG) will be available, each day, for our riders when there is a minor medical (not a 911 emergency) or mechanical emergency. When a Bicyclists needs to be transported the driver and rider will wear masks and place windows in a position to provide continuous ventilation. Hand Sanitizer will be provided and required prior to entering vehicle.

Rest Stops

Rest Stops will provide packaged snacks and fruit with non-edible skins (i.e. bananas, oranges), if possible we will provide cut up fruit in individual packages, we will determine that ability closer to the event.

Rest stops will not allow riders in line until they have removed gloves and sanitized or washed their hands.


Meals will be provided by a variety of catering companies, in compliance with NYS Health Department guidelines. Changes we anticipate are: Boxed meals, pre-portioned salads and dressings/etc.

Meal Seating-travel groups can sit together, all others must maintain 6 ft. spacing. Chairs and tables will be set up to comply. Due to limited seating we will be establishing two meal pickup/seating times and assigning participants to one of the times. Your wristband will indicate which seating participants are in.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Stations for handwashing and sanitizing will be provided at all rest stops and overnight locations.

Camping/Indoor Camping

There will be no Indoor Camping for the 2021 event

Personal tent set up-unless you are in a group that traveled together to the event, all tents should maintain a 10-foot spacing, when setting up between all items-tent, chairs, bicycles, etc.

Indoor Facilities

Indoor facilities may not be available at our overnight locations. Riders should be prepared for a “outdoor” event with meal seating under tents and buildings available only in the case of a weather emergency.

Showers & Restrooms

We will be utilizing a shower trailer for showers during the event.

We will be utilizing Portable Toilets during the event.

Note: If indoor facilities become available we will notify participants of this change.

On your bicycle

CTEC anticipates that, that most of the time, riders will be able to ride without a mask, the exception may be densely populated areas such as Rochester, Syracuse, etc. You would be notified, if a mask is required in a particular area.

Snot Rockets-all past practice of blowing your nose/spitting etc. while riding your bicycle is not allowed during the Covid19 pandemic, pull off the trail and utilize a tissue that you take with you.


Albany to Buffalo July 10 and 18-NY allows charter buses to seat at capacity with all participants wearing masks. The front two seats are kept empty to provide space between the driver and passengers.

Bus Shuttles During CTEC-We will follow current allowable seating/masks will be required.

Massage Therapy

CTEC requires massage therapists to be NY State licensed. It will be determined, closer to the event, if massage will be provided for CTEC 2021.

Positivity Rates in New York State

CTEC will travel through 4 regions: Western NY, Fingerlakes, Central and Capital, you can visit positivity rates at the dashboard link listed below.

NY State

For complete details on how CTEC will be putting these policies into action, see the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, available on the website.