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Top 5 Cooking With Fire Tips

You’ve mastered setting up your tent, have your tarp system ‘just right’, the lake is shimmering and the call of birds echoes through the trees. Suddenly, your stomach grumbles. N……

Trail Mix: ALCO Heritage Trail honors industrial past, showcases promise for urban revitalization

Schenectady's ALCO Heritage Trail honors the industrial heritage of the "City that Lights and Hauls the World" and is a centerpiece of investments in the city's future
ALCO Heritage Trail, Schenectady One hundred years ago, Schenectady's waterfront was filled with industrial buildings, as the main manufacturing plant of the American Locomotive C……

Glutton for punishment or dedicated rider?

Jonathan Duda, Administrative/Grants Coordinator for Parks & Trails New York, was among the more than 600 riders to cycle the canal in 2017. And he continues to return each year.
Jonathan Duda, Administrative/Grants Coordinator at Parks & Trails NY, looks back (and forward to!) his time on the trail. I scratched a significant checkmark onto my life’s “to do……

Legislation to create multi-use trails plan close to passage in State Legislature

Legislation supported by PTNY to create a new statewide multi-use trails plan is progressing through the state legislature and may pass before the end of session this June.
***URGENT UPDATE*** Late Friday afternoon we learned that S.4416B had passed the Senate thanks to a dedicated voice of support from people like you! But the fight is not over yet.……