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Videos 2016 Was a Great Year for Parks & Trails NY At the end of 2016, we compiled a collection of noteworthy scenes from throughout the year. Thanks to you, 2016 was a great yea……


New York has a great multi-use trail system. We have destination trails like the Erie Canalway Trail that showcases New York’s heritage. We have trails that provide great scenic v……

An Exciting Year For the Erie Canalway Trail

The Canalway Trail becomes a National Historic Landmark
So far, 2017 has been a great year for the Erie Canal. With the Governor's proposal for the completion of the Empire State Trail, and the announcement of the canal system becoming……

Canal Clean Sweep 2017: Join us Earth Day weekend

Celebrate Earth Day & the Erie Canal bicentennial by organizing an event for the 2017 Canal Clean Sweep April 21 through 23. Event registration is now open.