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New York has a great multi-use trail system. We have destination trails like the Erie Canalway Trail that showcases New York’s heritage. We have trails that provide great scenic vistas, like the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkway Over the Hudson. And of-course we have trails that provide active transportation options and recreational opportunities in our busy cities, like Manhattan’s bike super highway, the Hudson River Greenway.


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1. Print out the #NYTrailTales card.

2. Use a marker to write about your favorite New York trail or trail experience, or trail plans once the Empire State Trail is completed.

3. Have someone take a picture of you holding your sign. Smile!

4. Post your photo on social media and urge the Governor, your State Senator, and Assembly Member to support funding for trails in New York state.


Governor Cuomo recently announced a vision for a connected trail network from New York City to the Canadian border, and across the state via a completed Erie Canalway Trail. It’s called the Empire State Trail, and it represents a major step forward for outdoor recreation and tourism in New York State.


Parks & Trails New York and partners from across the state have been advocating for more funding for trail construction, and Closing the Gaps in the Erie and Champlain trail corridors for nearly a decade. The Empire State Trail will do that… and more!

The Governor’s vision got us to thinking about the great biking and walking trips that we’ve taken, and new outings that a fully connected trail system makes possible.

It’s on! Let the trip planning begin!

Where will your next New York State outdoor adventure take you? An afternoon outing, or a week-long tour? Walking, running, skating, skiing, biking, or hiking?

NY Trail Tales