New York has more than 1,200 miles of multi-use trails where you can bike, walk, run, cross-country ski, and sometimes ride horses. Whether you’re looking for a new trail to explore or want a map of one of your favorite trails, TrailFinder w ill give you the trail and trip planning information you need to get outside and moving. TrailFinder offers a one-stop interactive gateway to 110 greenways, rail trails, canal trails, bikeways, and riverwalks located in every region of the state. 

You can find a trail by name or search by criteria such as length, allowable uses, surface, and distance from any location you choose. If you need to find a nearby bike shop or other amenity, TrailFinder can locate that, too.  You can even get directions to trailhead parking.

Accessibility Info
For some trails you’ll also find accessibility information. Before ever reaching the trailhead, you will have the data you need to decide whether a trail is right for you. While especially useful for persons with disabilities, older adults and parents with young children may find this information helpful, too.

Other Kinds of Trails
Looking for other kinds of trails?  The New York trail experience includes thousands of miles of trails within New York’s state parks, state forests, and the Adirondack and Catskill Preserves, as well as many enjoyable and well-known long-distance hiking trails. Also, be sure to check out the trails in your local town and county parks and nature centers.

Bicycle-friendly B&B’s
If you want to stay overnight, you’ll find convenient bed & breakfasts and inns that cater to the needs of cyclists. All are members of the Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association (ESBBA) that have pledged to offer some bicycle-friendly amenities, including covered and locked bicycle storage, tools for minor bike repairs, no-smoking rooms, and healthy and filling breakfasts. 

Sign up for Trail Updates
Before you begin exploring all the great multi-use trails in New York State, please sign up for updates from Parks & Trails New York, including the latest information on trail development around the state.

Planning a trip along the Erie Canalway Trail?
Our new Erie Canalway Trail map has better search functions, added attractions and points of interest, a new measuring tool, GPS, and an easier- to-operate user interface. It has even been optimized to work smoothly on your smartphone and web-enabled device. Start planning your adventure today!

We’ve made every effort to ensure that the trails information in TrailFinder is correct. Please email us with any changes or updates or if there is a multi-use trail we may have missed.

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