Erie Canalway Trail End-to-Ender Recognition Program

e2eHave you bicycled or walked the full 360-mile length of the Erie Canalway Trail between Buffalo and Albany? If so, we want to recognize and reward your achievement.


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mapWho Qualifies?

Anyone who has completed a journey along the entire Erie Canalway Trail, on a bicycle or on foot, whether in one multi-day through trip or in segments over a long period of time is eligible.


How will End-to-Enders be recognized?

  1. A certificate attesting to your accomplishment
  2. An End-to-End decal
  3. Inclusion in the End-to-Ender Honor Roll
  4. The first step is to register as an End-to-Ender. You will be asked several questions about your trip and overall experience. Note: if you complete Parks & Trails New York's 8-day Cycling the Erie Canal guided bike tour, you will receive your decal at the end of the ride and will only have to complete Part I of the application.

    Register today and begin planning your own end-to-end journey!

    WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We'd love to hear from you with your stories and photos of your experience. Email, keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter, submit images of your trip to Flickr, and check out our blog.

    Read the report about our 2014 End to Enders.





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