Restore Bike and Pedestrian Access to the Livingston Avenue Bridge

logoThe Livingston Avenue Bridge, between the cities of Albany and Rensselaer, is slated to be completely reconstructed in 2017 as part of New York State's High Speed Rail initiative. The bridge's replacement is undergoing design by the New York State Department of Transportation. This project presents an opportunity to restore safe and accessible bike and pedestrian access across the Hudson River. (Visit the Livingston Avenue Bridge Coalition website to read more.)

The Livingston Avenue Bridge Coalition (LABC) is working to build broad-based support that will send a strong message, encouraging decision makers that bike and pedestrian accommodations should be constructed on this critical link.


It is very likely that there will only be one opportunity to ensure that the walkway is part of the bridge's reconstruction. If the walkway is not replaced, New York's Capital Region may have world-class trail networks and beautiful, vibrant waterfronts that beckon visitors and residents alike: yet, residents and visitors won't be able to easily and safely cross the river.

From the time the Livingston Avenue Bridge was reconstructed in 1902, until the late 1980's, a walkway briken stairsmade it possible for a pedestrian to cross the Hudson with relative ease. The walkway has been closed for over a decade because of its deteriorated condition but this has not stopped a few daring souls from crossing the bridge via the tracks - something that is dangerous and illegal.

The Livingston Avenue Bridge has long been in dire need of an overhaul. Repeatedly the weight limit for the bridge has been lowered and one of the bridge's two tracks has been closed indefinitely, exasperating an already stressful bottleneck delaying trains and reducing the freight capacity of the bridge. New York has the funds to plan for the Livingston Avenue Bridge to be rebuilt or replaced. While NYSDOT is designing the replacement bridge, advocates are coming together to demand that the walkway be included as part of the reconstruction.

SideThe idea of rehabilitating the walkway is nothing new. It's been in the Capital Region's Transportation Improvement Plan for nearly a decade, and the walkway is part of the region's long-range transportation plan.

To read more about this project and how you can become involved, visit the the Livingston Avenue Bridge Coalition website.



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