Chittenango Falls State ParkParks & Trails New York works with decision makers on the local, regional, and state levels to help New Yorkers envision, plan, develop, and promote a growing network of trails, parks, bike paths, and greenways across the state.

Each year we set out our legislative agenda that highlights those bills and other initiatives where we’ll be focusing our greatest effort. 

But we know we cannot do it alone.  Working together, we’re building a burgeoning movement of park and trail advocates statewide.

  • Our Campaign for Parks is a coalition of individuals, nonprofit Friends groups organizations, and other stakeholders that have come together to advocate for increased state and federal funding to protect and revitalize New York’s state and local parks. 

  • Our New York State Trails Coalition represents trail groups and local governments committed to working together for the policies, programs, and funding that can strengthen and further efforts to develop, maintain, and promote a network of trails across the state.

We also join forces with a number of other Coalitions, such as the Livingston Avenue Bridge Coalition, and the Friends of New York’s Environment, a group of more than 100 environmental organizations advocating for the Environmental Protection Fund and more funding for NYS environmental agencies, to offer a strong, unified voice for those issues that impact the preservation and enjoyment of our natural resources in New York.

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